Cannoli Citron – Bon Voyage 30ml concentrate


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Bon Voyage Cannoli Lemon Concentrate 30ml is a creamy lemon treat straight from Italy.

This is a 30ml concentrate flavor producing a total of 200-240ml of ejuice when mixed with a base(Vg,Pg) . Add the recommended amount listed on the product and mix with a base(Vg,Pg).

ATTENTION!  The product is not ready to use! It contains only concentrated flavor and needs to be mixed with a base(Vg,Pg).

Instructions below are for 60ml bottles. For 120ml bottles double the percentages.

Nicotine boosters come in 18 and 20 mg strength. Both contains 10ml.

If you purchased 18mg nicotine booster :

For 3mg nicotine add one nicotine booster and fill the rest with Vg.
For 6mg nicotine add two nicotine boosters and fill the rest with Vg.

If you purchased 20mg nicotine booster:

For 3mg nicotine add 9ml out of 10ml and fill the rest with Vg.
For 6mg nicotine add 18ml out of 20ml and fill the rest with Vg.

For maximum results, steeping is recommended for a few days.

Always keep your eliquids in a dark, dry and cool place.


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